valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays. i know a lot of people who are very anti-valentine’s day, but i’ve always been one to celebrate it.  even when i was single in high school, i would buy myself a rose, wear a pretty pink dress, or get a manicure just for me.  i didn’t care, because i loved love, even when i didn’t have my own.

this valentine’s day was a combination weekend of lots of fun things.  first, i spent a lovely afternoon having starbucks & antiquing with my sis-in-law & bff.  [she’s really talented, and super cool.] we walked around and talked while observing this adorable outdoor antique mall that is literally 5 minutes from where i live.  DANGER.


then, my sweet hubby & myself ventured onto a plane to fly to nashville, where we celebrated my niece’s 2nd birthday.  going anywhere with your best friend is so much fun, and i especially love flying with him.  it always reminds me of when we flew for the first time together, by ourselves, on our honeymoon.  what a sense of adventure!


while in nashville celebrating, my sister and i discovered the best recipe for a birthday cake known to man.  i think i ate the equivalent of 5 pieces of cake before leaving.  and the homeade cream cheese icing was to DIE for.  laughing with my sister is one of my favorite things in the world.


we came back the night before valentine’s day, and when i woke up i heard a pot of coffee brewing.  i went downstairs in my pj’s to find this…


coffee and the sweetest note in the world.  (sorry, you can’t read it.  it’s just for me :].) hubby had to be at church much earlier, so he wasn’t home when i woke up.  but that was the sweetest thing to wake up to!  he continued to surprise me by bringing my flowers, AND steel magnolias for a movie night.  (he scored major points by watching that movie with me.  bless him.)  there’s nothing like “blush & bashful” on valentine’s day! and since we weren’t able to go out on a “real date,” he’s taking me out tomorrow.  a valentine’s week… yes!

i hope your valentine’s days were sweet & filled with love!

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Don’t you just love the Vintage Village? That pink shed you took a picture of is my aunts… or, it used to be… she just moved it last weekend!

You gotta share that cake recipe!

Glad you had a lovely day. :-)

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