Good morning, friends! It’s Monday morning, and I’m hopping on my blog to invite you to join me and several Insta-friends on a 1 week journey of logging our time. Here’s how it works. I hope you join us!

After I mentioned on Instagram how excited I was to use the new Dayflow App, I have found that it is brand new and has a few glitches. It doesn’t work quite like this article explains it. So for now, I’m going back to my standard old-school way of logging my time : with pen and paper! (If you have success with the Dayflow App, or any other time management apps, please comment below so we can all learn from you!)

So, I hope you’ll join us!

First, choose a day this week to start. I’m starting today – Monday – and I invite you to as well! But if you are reading this later in the week, it’s not too late to join. What IS important is that you log 7 consecutive days in a row, to get a solid week.

Second, you have to commit. Take the time to do this – I promise it will be worth it! Then follow these 4 steps, and we can all encourage one another. I’ll be writing another blogpost next week, to recap how I did. I hope you will too!


4 Steps to Logging your Time 

Step 1 : Print this 1 Week Hour Log 

Step 2 : Fill out how you spend your time every 1-2 hours
(It only takes 5 seconds each time! Be sure to keep your time log near you all day.)

Step 3 : Do this for 7 consecutive days

Step 4 : Use the hashtag : #loggingmytime on Instagram and share your
progress / accomplishments / disappointments / realizations


Who’s in? Comment below!

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I have been reading 168 Hours and logging my time this week and both have been very helpful! Thank you for suggesting this :)

Ohh I’m definitely doing this! Thanks, Nancy! :)

Monique Richardson

I’ll do it again – with a twist. Last time I did it I wrote down what I did without scheduling. I normally schedule, only blocking “work”, “kids”. This time I will try scheduling and adhering to the schedule. I’lll start tomorrow!

I actually just discovered a new app that does this beautifully – it is called Hours. It is marketed towards tracking time spent towards projects but I have been logging all of my time for the past 3-4 days and have loved it. So simple, beautiful, and easy to use. Watch the video tutorial on the website to see what all it can really do – otherwise you might not even see the potential. I’m planning on writing a post about it on my blog soon but I knew I had to post it here to share too!

I’m in! Just printed :-)

HI Nancy! Great idea. Logging my time is always a valuable [and sometimes disappointing] tool. Have you ever used the app Toggl? There’s a mobile and web version. It runs in the background and tracks how long you spend doing each activity, and then you can create graphs, tables, etc., to show how long you completed each activity. This is the time management tool that I’ve found to be the most useful. It will even email you reminder notices if you happen to forget to start/end a certain activity. Best of luck, and I hope to join you in #loggingmytime too :)

Well, I have a conference I’m going to all weekend so this wouldn’t be the best time to record a whole week, but I’ll try to do it next week :-)

Woohoo! So excited to do this (again, I’ve done it sporadically in the past!) with a group! I’m using the ATracker app which I’ve found to be super awesome and I’ll definitely be Instagramming #loggingmytime! xoxo

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