so… (continuing on from my last post… ) while i was in nashville i was able to stay at the wonderful & crazy blanton household.  my sister (i call her sissy) is one amazing woman!  mother of an almost-2 year old & identical triplet boys. i was just sad their daddy was at work when i had this little photo session, because he is such a fun and awesome dad.  i grabbed these shots the last morning i was there, before heading out to  my flight.  i think it’s a pretty awesome depiction of their little lives.

as far as the telling maverick, crews, & warner apart? don’t even bother asking me who is who.  i know i am their aunt, and i should know… but these boys are identical!

also, i must warn you of harper’s silly faces.  that child is HILARIOUS.  i think you’ll enjoy this series!  sissy, this one is for YOU!

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seriously?! you can not go wrong with three baby faces in one pic – too cute!

Gosh! I miss those dudes!!!

I think I just died and went to heaven. Your nephews and niece are just adorable! Great photos!

oh my gosh I can’t wait to see those little guys!

my heart is sooooo full right now! These are soooo precious… I think it is hilarious the way the boys look like they are in a fish bowl in each of their individual shots! The one of Harper “saying cheese” is sooo funny! And here is what Harper has to say: hjjfjdhdkch vtvghdcxxscvuhfvcl ( I love you Nanshee)gdfgfcj

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