Let’s be real. This family is basically my life goal.

Yes, I had the privilege of photographing the family of our family photographer, Elizabeth. (I love this post about her family on Instagram. It’s the best.) I adore every couple pictured here, and have loved getting to know them through the years! My husband Will graduated with Parks, Elizabeth’s older brother. I of course roomed with Elizabeth in college (did you know that?), and Bryant grew up as Will’s little brother’s best friend. Mr. Ligon even just recently officiated Olivia’s wedding, and Olivia’s husband Andrew is the brother of Megan – the redhead pictured above! All you need to know is they have been family friends forever, and we adore them.

Here is my very favorite memory of Mom and Dad Ligon:

It was the day we moved into our dorm at App State. Elizabeth and I were crazy homesick already, and I just cried my eyes out telling my mom and Will (boyfriend at the time) goodbye. In steps Mom and Dad Ligon: they invite me to the Texas Road House restaurant with Elizabeth, and save me from my wallowing self pity. They encouraged me and comforted me without even knowing it. I will always love them for that, and they will forever feel like a 2nd set of parents to me.

My hope is that one day, Will and I will have kids like these with such wonderful marriages and relationships. What a sweet season of life, and how rare that they all love each other and their spouses! This is the good stuff, and I almost left this session in tears because it was such an honor to capture it.

Love you, Ligon family. Basically, #goals.

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So sweet!!! Man, I just love families :) And parents :) And Ligons sound like great ones! Love this session, too!

I used to work with Lizzy in college and I remember when she and Parks got engaged! So sweet to see them on here!

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