I met Lane and William through some mutual friends, which allowed us to immediately click. Sine their wedding I have had the fun opportunity to hang out with them a couple of times with our friends, and it reminds me how sweet this job is. How so many of my clients become friends that I am so incredibly grateful for!

Every bit of Lane and William’s wedding day was beautiful. They happened to get married at the same place Andrew and I did and her bridesmaids even wore the same dresses as mine, so I was feeling all sorts of sentimental on their wedding day. For a March wedding the weather turned out beautifully and we got perfect glimpses of the golden sunset! Their bridal party was so sweet and easy to work with, making the day all the more fun.

After they said their “I do’s” At Holy Trinity, we headed back to Carolina Country Club to dance the night away to Liquid Pleasure, and let me tell you it was SO fun. You might have even noticed that Liquid Pleasure also played at their rehearsal dinner. William’s family has been long time friends and fans of the band, and this wedding weekend was one of only two times the band has played for the same couple back to back nights! Every aspect of their wedding was tied to their friends and family and the relationships that have surrounded them both individually and as a couple. Making their wedding day not only beautiful, but also so meaningful.

Lane and William, thank you for allowing me to capture this season of your lives. It was definitely one for the books!

Ceremony Venue: Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Reception Venue: Carolina Country Club
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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