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This month: WE MOVE!

I literally cannot believe this is happening. This week, we move the studio first. We’ll have everything up and running, and then we move into our house next week! I’ve wanted to share so much about this journey, and what I’ve found is this:

There is just SO much to do. Between making all the decisions and running this business in the height of wedding season and re-launching a course and being a mama of two beautiful, lively girls… sharing this journey along the way has been a challenge. But here’s how I’m feeling TODAY:

• In awe God’s goodness. I don’t feel like I deserve this, and the truth is – I don’t. It’s God’s grace and I’m incredibly grateful.
• I don’t feel cool enough to have all the fancy appliances and countertops that I’m getting. I think I might cry every day when we move in… in the best way.
• Overwhelmed at the amount of packing we still have left. There’s just so much.
• I feel like I never want to forget this season I’m in. The tight squeeze of this townhouse that we have loved and lived to the full. The sacrifice it took to pay off this house. All the “no’s” or “not yets” that are now turning into “yeses”… I don’t want to lose touch with this beautiful season. It has been so good and so beautiful.

And in addition to moving, there’s Father’s Day as well as our 10th ANNIVERSARY this month! And we still haven’t been strawberry picking because of our busy weekends and all the rain, so I’m hoping we’re not too late!

June 2018 Goals

Finish Packing current house
Order all appliances, fixtures, furniture, etc
Plan a “Pray over our house” night before we move
MOVE into the new house
Go Strawberry Picking
Celebrate Will on Father’s Day
Celebrate our 10th Anniversary !!!
Re-listen to 2 Second Lean (It’s a free audiobook!)

What is one of your favorite goals for June? Leave them in the comments!

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You’re moving! That sounds amazing and exciting. And overwhelming at the same time. I love your perspective on it. We might be moving across the pond this year and I don’t even want to think about sorting through and packing all our stuff. And even less about moving a family of four, finding new schools etc. etc. Can’t wait to hear more about your move and settling in and everything. Whenever the crazy is over and you have time to share :-)
My favorite goal is probably trying to handletter our wedding vows and visiting friends in my college town.

I’m looking forward to beginning the Contentment Challenge for th 2nd time this month, as well as just being present and enjoying all the sweet things this month is going to bring – a graduation, wedding, and even a new home and roommates – it’s so much goodness and I don’t want to miss it!

“All the “no’s” or “not yets” that are now turning into “yeses”… I don’t want to lose touch with this beautiful season.” <– That right there is one of the keys to contentment… not just automatically adjusting to the new upgrade, but recognizing and appreciating it for what it is!

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