Peek of my maternity session by the amazing Elizabeth Tate, NRP family photographer

It’s hard to believe that June is my last full month of being pregnant with Baby #2. It’s the last month that Milly will be the only child in my arms. It’s the last month of just Milly and Mama… another little one will make my mama heart grow even more.

I know it’s going to be so sweet and wonderful, and I am just so excited to meet this little baby. But part of me certainly is sad to see this season of Milly being our only baby come to an end. She made me a mama. She’s taught me so much. I love her fiercely, and I am holding these days with her just a little tighter, a little closer to my heart.

June is a month of launching big things, wrapping up much of work, preparing for Maternity leave, date nights with my hubby of 9 WHOLE years, and lots of intentional time with my girl.

I’m not due until the end of July, but you know… babies come when they want. So I’m gonna make June count for all that it can!

June Goals

Read What did you Expect & Mama Natural
Host 2 Online Training Classes for Film Photography
Launch my Film Course!!
Celebrate 9 years of marriage (Huzzah! Love you William Ray.)
Create 2014 & 2015 Family Yearbook Albums
Go to a Yoga class (or two)
Finish Baby Registry
Decide on wear the baby is gonna sleep (forreal though)
Get all newborn stuff out! Wash and Prepare!
Go camping with the Thomases
Spend Father’s Day in Beaufort, NC

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Hi Nancy, I’m curious and also overwhelmed with the task–can you describe how you create a family yearbook? I want to, but the task overwhelms me so with soooo many photos to choose from. Do you add captions to every photo/page? Is there a “rhyme or reason” to photo placement?


Hi Nancy – I wanted to THANK YOU for putting together the organizing photos PDF. Real life situation: my dad passed away this morning (it was expected but very emotional as you can imagine). Putting together a slideshow of his life is on my to do list….and I know it is a task I can handle. Why? Because all my photos are organized, thanks to your guidelines. I am so grateful. Just wanted to share that.

Can I just say that even though I am not pregnant, I am already looking forward to going through all of our bins of baby stuff for baby no. 2? I think it will be so fun to pull out all my favorite outfits again! Plus, I just like sorting and organizing :)

I really, really love these goals posts – thank you so much for sharing! Also, I’m super pumped for your film training – that is such a gift & I really appreciate it!

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