You guys.

I’m going to have a baby this month!!! I’m 36 weeks today, and the official due date is July 29th. And let me just say – I have lots to do this month to get ready! I fully realize baby might not arrive until August, and that is A OK with me. But I’m planning for an early to on time arrival, since Milly was 1 day early. I’m actually hoping baby will be just a little late, so I can get everything done!

I’m viewing my July in 2 parts…

The first two weeks are officially “DO ALL THE THINGS TO PREPARE FOR MATERNITY LEAVE”
The last two weeks are “TRANSITION TO MATERNITY LEAVE”

July 2017 Goals

Weeks 1 & 2
– Finish strong with my Foundations in Film Course
– Complete content for Team Course this fall
– Draft all emails
– Draft all blogposts
– Complete content for Website Refresh
– Finalize Maternity Leave Communication with emails to vendors and clients, blogpost, social media, and team training
– Memorize 3 Bible verses for labor and delivery
– Buy gift for Milly (to give to her in the hospital)

Weeks 3 & 4
– Get house cleaned
– Have carpets cleaned
– Finish the new “kids room” with the help of Stephanie Tidwell
– Introduce Milly to her new “big girl bed!”
– Take Milly to the library and to Jubala
– Date night with Will
– Get my haircut
– Get my nails done
– Finish my 2014 and 2015 Family Yearbooks

I’ve set a “last day of work” day – July 18th – which is going to help me stick to this goal! I am really hoping to step away from all of my work, spend the last 10 days making memories with Milly, preparing my heart, and resting.

With all of that said, Baby’s gonna come when Baby’s gonna come, so I really have 1 big goal for this month: HAVE A BABY! And if nothing else gets done, we are all going to be just fine.

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Ahh! So exciting, Nancy. You’re going to do great. Your pregnancy and birth with Milly were such an inspiration to me in about a million ways; thank you for that! I remember what you shared about your vision in our break-out at MTH, and this baby #2 is definitely part of that, so praise God! :) Sending prayers and hugs!

What an exciting month!! Can’t wait to meet new baby Ray!

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