I’m feeling a little like summer is slipping away. And sometimes I feel hesitant to go outside and do fun things because it’s hot, or because I have too much work to do, or because I don’t have time.

There’s always an excuse, isn’t there?

I’m determined to not let July slip away. These monthly goals can get on my nerves sometimes… I try to always schedule them and blog them and create them in time for the 1st of the month. Sometimes, it can just be routine. But you know what? By the end of the blogpost, I’m always so, so thankful that I made them.

Why? Because if I didn’t sit down and create these goals, I wouldn’t actually do the things that really matter. I wouldn’t have thought to “take pictures of Milly in Beaufort” this July 4th, and I probably would have just left my film camera at home. I wouldn’t have written down to do 4 long runs (one a week) in order to keep up my distance running, but instead I would have become lazy and gotten back into my usual running routine of once or twice a week.

Have you sat down and thought of what you want to make of July?

My precious Aunt Margaret passed away in June, and her life was incredible. I am so grateful and proud of her legacy. As funerals often do, it got me thinking about my life. How do I want to spend these precious days I’ve been given? What do I want to do? Who do I want to invest in?

Let’s make this precious life count, friends.

July Goals

Read the 4 Hour Work Week
Start reading Wild and Free
Take pictures of Milly in Beaufort over July 4th
Finish Filming Digital Basics and Film + Digital Integration Courses for the Nancy Ray Shop
Join Will’s C12 Key Players Group
Photograph Callie’s home tour
Finish organizing my printed personal photos
Do 4 “long” runs (5 miles or longer) to keep up my running

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Nancy, I love your goals this month but I love the perspective on goals that you shared even more! Blessings on a purposeful month!

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