Beautiful Jordan. This girl is so real, so true, so authentic to who she is. I have been so blessed getting to know Jordan and her fiancé Joel – the two of them together make me so happy. They just make sense, together, you know? I’m sure that one of the things that attracted Joel was Jordan’s beauty – she’s obviously gorgeous. But you know what makes her even more beautiful? She is the unassuming beauty – the naturally beautiful girl in a room who doesn’t make a fuss or draw attention to herself. No, Jordan is humble and lovely and beautiful. She’s real. And that makes her even more beautiful.

After Jordan’s bridal session, I just couldn’t stop smiling! Jordan’s best friend, Joel’s sister, Joel’s mom and Joel’s cousin were all there to help. By the end of the evening, I felt like I was part of the family! We were all laughing and having such a good time, I honestly didn’t want to leave. People like Jordan and her sweet family make me so grateful for my job!


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[…] honestly felt refreshed after spending time with them, whether it was for their engagement session, Jordan's bridal session, or their wedding day. Their genuine personalities are so real and honest. They are the kind of […]

So beautiful!!

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