joey and jonathan are such a special couple. i don’t know if i’ve ever worked with a more excited bride than joey!  she loved every part of planning her wedding, and she loves jonathan with an intensity that is not often seen. she is a firecracker – the one that will bring excitement and adventure to every day of their marriage. jonathan is perfect for her. he balances her out in a way that makes sense. jonathan is that steady rock who is going to anchor their marriage in loyalty and consistency. he will provide for her and love her well. they are the perfect match.

in a lot of ways, joey & jonathan’s wedding day brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of my own.  a few little things that stood out – joey had swept up hair, dangle earrings, and a hair accessory that looked so much like mine it made me happy :]. she had written out a detailed schedule of the wedding day to make sure everything went perfectly, as did i!  her bridesmaids were sweet and loyal, taking care of her throughout the day. jonathan’s guys were fun and silly, but you could tell they’ve known each other forever. they had a brotherhood that runs deep.  and lastly, they had a HUGE family! i love love love big families. so many kids running around, crying, playing, making us laugh. it definitely made for the perfect wedding day :]. for all of those reasons, this wedding was dear to my heart. congratulations, joey and jonathan! it was a joey capturing your beautiful day.

this last photo deserves a bit of an explanation, as it was an inside joke for me, jonathan and joey! remember THIS!? when we almost all got arrested during their engagement session? i thought that handcuffs were the perfect wedding day gift :].

part 2 coming soon!

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Nice work, friend! I love the fact that you got yourself in the one with the teapot and shoes, haha. I was like, “oh hey, there’s nancy ray!” Great pictures, though, as usual.

NANCY! Oh my gosh! You did such a great job! thank you!!!!

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