It was my very last session of 2016, and I met Joelle and Justin on the beautiful campus of UNC in Chapel Hill. Joelle looked so beautiful I immediately asked her where she had her hair and make up done, and I was so impressed when she said she did it all herself! They both were so natural in front of the camera, we had a great time in the crisp, chilly air.

Here’s the thing. Engagement sessions are so sweet and beautiful and fun, but here’s the real reason we do them: we get to see a side of our couples we would never see on their wedding day. There’s simply just not enough time to talk and hang out with one another in the bustle of a wedding day that we get at a slow paced engagement session. I learned all about these to, and I love the chance to get to know their story and journey up until this point.

You guys, I laughed so much at this session! These two are a riot. They have the best senses of humor, and I told them they are going to keep each other laughing for the rest of their lives which makes for such a wonderful marriage. Since shooting their engagement session, I have even been inspired to have more fun with Will, to poke fun at him a little more to get a smile out of him, to say the thing on my mind. We learn from couples, and I definitely learned from Joelle and Justin that day. It’s way more important to have fun together, to laugh together, and to not take everything too seriously.

After their session, I took a few moments to treat myself to some hot apple cider to celebrate the end of such a wonderful year. I’m so, so excited for their wedding!

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