When Jen and Casey explained their idea of an engagement session to me, I was thrilled. They love spending time together at coffee shops, and they love strolling through the Farmer’s Market. In fact, their first date was at the Farmer’s Market, where they picked up some local honey! The night before their session, as I checked the forecast, I saw that thunderstorms were predicted for the same time we were to meet. But instead of rescheduling, Jen and Casey said, “That is so us! Not only do we love coffee shops, but we love them when it’s raining.” I loved that! We went forward with the session, and I do believe it’s the coziest engagement session I’ve done. The rain made it that much more sweet in my opinion! We began at the Morning Times, and while I was able to sneak a few shots of them outside while it was sprinkling, we stayed inside most of the time while it poured.

We literally drove through a downpour to the Farmer’s Market, and thankfully when we arrived, the storm begin to subside. They were troopers, even walking in some sprinkles and laughing the whole time. I love their attitudes, their love for one another, and their appreciation for the little things in life. No doubt these two are going to be enjoying the Farmer’s Market hand in hand when they are old and grey. They’ll never stop appreciating the simple things because that is who they are. It was so wonderful getting to know their hearts and love for life. I’m so thrilled to be capturing their wedding!

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Nancy Ray, you are wonderful. Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs and for a memorable engagement session in the rain!! xx

Love these pictures! You’re right: so cozy.
PS my hair NEVER looks that good when caught in the rain!

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