We always said we were going to go to Europe for our 10th anniversary, and this year our dreams came true! After booking my first international wedding at Lake Como in September, we knew we wanted to build our trip around the time we’d already be there. While deciding on where and what to do, we had to set some criteria:

– We wanted to stay in one country the whole time to not rush or exhaust ourselves
– We wanted to build in some rest days because we can easily overdue it
– We wanted to do things that we love to do together!
– We wanted to have the option to go on a date every single night if we wanted
– We wanted to eat gelato every single day




After having the HARDEST time narrowing down places, we ended with this itinerary:

Day 1: Rome // The Vatican
Day 2: Rome // The Colisseum, travel to Cinque Terre
Day 3: Cinque Terre // Beach Day
Day 4: Cinque Terre // Hiking from Montessoro to Vernazza
Day 5: Cinque Terre // Rest day
Day 6: Cinque Terre // Hiking from Corniglia to Manorolla
Day 7: Florence // The David, The Duomo, The Ponte Vecchio Bridge
Day 8: Lake Como // Explore, Rest, 10 Year Vow Renewal
Day 9: Lake Como // Photograph a wedding
Day 10: Lake Como –> Rome // Travel Day
Day 11: Rome // Fly Home



(I seriously crush on my touristy husband with his gopro and tourist sticker and all the things. So cute.)




All in all, we had the BEST time! We had also considered Venice and The Amalfi Coast, but opted to spend more relaxing time in Cinque Terre and I’m so, SO glad we did.

Enjoy these sweet photos, and a big thanks to our friends Chris and Toni! We spent two days with them at Lake Como since they were the videographers alongside us at the wedding, and they took some sweet photos of us while we were there. They also documented the most INCREDIBLE 10 year anniversary film for us when we renewed our vows that I cannot wait to share later.

AND If you want a behind the scenes look at what it really looks like photographing a wedding in Italy, be sure to watch their show on Amazon that documented it perfectly : Weddings with the Wheatons, Episode 22 + Episode 23.










This last photo is one of my favorites. I think because it’s so imperfect and out of focus and the bird behind us and the water in focus… so much movement and happiness. So thanks Chris for giving me an image of us that feels like a classic! Framing this one for sure.


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I’m so glad you were able to make your dream happen! Your joy in the last photo is so apparent! :)

I, too, love that last photo!

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