One principle I live by? Never stop learning. That was the reason I wanted to create this PDF – I wanted to not only learn from other amazing film photographers – their approach to metering and light while shooting in film – but I wanted to make it available for other film photographers as well.

When I read every photographer’s response, I was amazed! Some of us do things the exact same way. Others of us? Completely different! And yet each of these film photographers are incredibly gifted, producing such beautiful work.

It goes to show that we truly can never learn enough. A big thank you to each photographer who contributed to this free PDF Guide I created:

How the Best Photographers Meter Their Film!


Nancy Ray | Erich Mcvey | Michelle Boyd | Graham Terhune
Sawyer Baird | Shalyn Nelson | Davy Whitener | Jordan Jacob
Melissa Jill | Rylee Hitchner | KT Merry | Chris Isham



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Hey Lauren! Thank you so much for letting us know. I’ve fixed the issue and it should be working properly now!

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