“Which photographer should we hire? Can we afford great photos? Will the kids cooperate for the photographer? Will it feel awkward?” – these are just some of the questions that we know float through your head when you think about updating your family’s photos. We’d like to introduce you to a new concept…  a concept that will alleviate these questions and concerns: we think you should hire a lifetime photographer.

That’s right. One photographer that you love, forever and ever and ever. Of course, we’d love for that to be us, but that’s not why we’re writing this. We want you to see the benefit of a lifetime photographer so that no matter who you choose to document your family’s journey, you end up with photos that you love year after year, without wanting to pull your hair out every time.




Here’s why we think having one photographer for life is best:

1. It relieves the jitters. Pretty simple: it’s a lot easier to be photographed when you know the person behind the lens, when there’s free-flowing conversation and catching up on life and normal talk. It’s not awkward… it’s comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you sink into those naturally candid photos so beautifully that it’s not even funny.

2. It relieves anxiety for the kiddos. It helps to be able to say, “Remember Mrs. Elizabeth and how she played tag with you around the rock wall? She’s going to hang out with us again!” Stranger-danger doesn’t last long when there’s a history there.

3. It relieves financial pressure. When you know you have a standing appointment with your photographer every summer, you can plan accordingly in your budget as far in advance as you feel is necessary.

4. It relieves scheduling stress. When you plan an annual session with one photographer, more often then not you’re planning it for the same time of year, every year; there’s no “squeezing it in”, it’s simply a part of life. You know that “oh my goodness we need a photo for our Christmas card” panic? Yeah… gone.

5. It provides consistency: good photos that you love, year after year that aesthetically look the same when displaying them in your home. No questions asked, no worries on your part on whether or not you’ll get what you’re paying for or if the images will look consistent hanging next to each other.

6. And finally… it’s fun! I love seeing your kids grow year after year, and I can’t reiterate how much I love the friendships that form.

I hope that you find a photographer who you love, who you get to see every year for photos and some times in-between, and I hope that you treasure that relationship as much as they do.





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