Birth Story by Heart Stone Films | Meeting Milly from Heart Stone Films on Vimeo.

Our friends at Heartstone Films made us this beautiful beyond words legacy film all about our journey meeting Milly. Can you imagine what a gift this is going to be for Milly one day? To watch it as she grows? And for us – it will forever be a place we can remember the anticipation of her arrival. How we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl (but we sure thought she was a boy!), how we celebrated her baby shower and how Will even had a “man shower,” how we loved registering for all things baby, how this film will take us back immediately to all of those feelings and emotions. This is such a treasure. Thank you, Chris and Toni.

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Beautiful. You both are so cute as new parents and your little bundle of joy is precious. Blessings!

LOVED this! What a sweet testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness to His children through the gift of parenthood! Miss you guys.

What a joy to have a sweet little baby! This video was so touching and so sweet to see your journey as you anticipated and welcomed your daughter.

What a treasure. What a gift. What an amazing blessing! Milly is beautiful and I can tell you two adore her. Jesus sure is sweet.

This is the MOST beautiful video!! I loved watching you love on Milly at Influence. God’s love radiates from how you mother and, as a mom, it is encouraging. Congrats!

So beautiful! I definitely shed a few tears! Thank you for sharing this with us!

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