It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I get all warm and fuzzy inside, constantly listen to Christmas music, and love the crowds, the shopping, and the sparkly lights everywhere.  My home is filled with the scent of a Christmas tree & mulling spices, and every night I want to drink a cup of apple cider or hot chocolate.  And can I just say I am sure that Christmas will be even more wonderful with a puppy?  I know it has to be true.

December Goals:

Clean out my Studio Closet
Finish “Crush It”*
Christmas Card Photos* : send out!
Paint my bathrooms.*  No seriously, I’m going to do it this time. :]
Continue submitting engagements & weddings to fancy wedding blogs, including the NEW Southern Wedding Blog!
Finish all album orders, wedding edits, and e-sessions by the 20th.
That last one makes me a little panicky, but I think I can do it…

November’s completed goals :

make a puppy decision… and visit some great dane pups!
give will an amazing birthday!
really work on submitting my weddings to blogs/mags*
have fun with my polaroid camera [me + will]
read 1 new testament book *

Let me just say, I know I sound pretty lame only writing down 6 goals for this month, but you have to understand.  If I complete all these goals, IT WILL BE A MIRACLE. I have learned that having a puppy takes up a ridiculous amount of my day!  Training, walking, feeding, correcting, training, etc. etc. I am already nervous about painting the bathrooms, because I can only see visions of my house painted in puppy paw prints. I can do this.

Off to enjoy an evening with William… it’s pizza night!

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I only do a few goals a month, too because I have a big puppy and an almost two-year old baby! So I understand! One of my goals for the new year is to start posting my goals on my blog.

Love the monthly goals as always! Mine are up for the first time in MONTHS :)

ahhh, puppy paw prints aren’t so bad. After all, they are only little for a short time. You’ll have such sweet memories every time you look at them. :)

you CAN do it :) i’m sure your bathrooms are going to look beautiful! and yay for the puppy!

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