Hannah and Daniel first met in the nursery at Rex Hospital. They officially met 14 years later on their first day of high school – first period of ninth grade. Later when they were in the library together applying for library cards, they realized that they had the same birthday. After more investigation, they realized that they were also born in the same hospital. How crazy is that?! I like to think that they were in the nursery, 2 little babies potentially right beside each other, not even knowing that they would spend the rest of their lives together, but they will.

I had the best time photographing Hannah and Daniel at the NC Art Museum. They are truly so much fun! They are transparent in a way that makes me feel like I have known them forever. Hannah is loud and bubbly, and Daniel is her perfect opposite; calm and hilarious. I love the way that they so freely shared their lives with me, talking about their jobs and passions. Hannah and Daniel are inseparable and have been since the day that they met. They even work in the same office! As Hannah would say, “I’m deeply in love with my best friend.”

Congratulations Hannah and Daniel! I can’t wait for your whimsical wedding!

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As if I couldn’t love yall even more than I already do! Thank you so much for our pictures!

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