Hey there! I’m Olivia, wedding photographer and education manager at NRP. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, believer, and lover of iced coffee and long runs. I have come to realize that this life is filled with seasons of slow and steady, followed quickly by lots of hustle; and I think that is what I love most about being a film photographer. Capturing moments so sacred to someone, and giving them the opportunity to slow down and embrace it in the midst of the crazy hustle. I will forever be grateful that I get to photograph couples during an incredibly sweet season of life, and I would be so honored to capture that part of yours!

Sudie & Evin

Olivia was AMAZING. Such a comforting, reassuring presence when needed and she was also able to command a big rowdy group in a gentle way. She was incredibly professional, communicating her needs in a clear way that allowed the group to meet expectations and turn out beautiful photos. She also collaborated with the videographers and relayed information to them, which was a huge help considering I didn't have a ton of time to talk to them and I already had a relationship with and trusted Olivia. I appreciated how effortless the process, and our relationship with Olivia was. She does so many weddings a year, but had the ability to really make us feel unique and special, as individuals and in our love. We immediately got a long with her which made the rest of the related tasks, not just another mark off of the checklist, but an opportunity to interact with a friend.

Alicia & Rob

Olivia was wonderful on our wedding day! She was so personal with us, made us feel so comfortable, and confident that she knew what she was doing. We loved how she celebrated with us and had Christ in common with us. She was great at giving directions firmly but kindly, and managing so many people throughout the day.