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Hi y’all! I’m Callie, Associate Wedding Photographer and Studio Administrator at NRP. I am married to my husband and best friend, Jamie, and a proud dog mom to our sweet silver lab, Bokeh. I’m a Southern girl born and bred; I love South Carolina beaches, North Carolina bar-b-que, beautiful calligraphy, dancing with my husband, traveling near and far, and creating organization from chaos. Most of all, I love capturing the beauty found in the details of these moments so that they may be cherished for a lifetime. I love weddings because they represent the start of a new life and a new family. I believe that your most important adventure begins the moment you walk away from your wedding reception and step foot into your marriage.
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My favorite things:
1. My Faith
2. My Marriage
3. Bokeh & Baye
4. Our Local Farmers’ Market
5. The Ocean