Hey! I’m Callie, wedding photographer and studio administrator at NRP. I am married to my husband and best friend, Jamie, and a proud dog mama to our two labs Bokeh and Baye, and a bunch of backyard chickens. On a typical Friday night, you could find me and Jamie dreaming up our next home renovation project while eating tacos. To me, weddings represent the start of a new life and a new family. I believe that your most important adventure begins the moment you walk away from your wedding reception and step foot into your marriage.

Courtney & Michael

If I could describe working with Callie in one word, it would be effortless. From the moment I met with her in the NRP studio, I knew she was our photographer due to her calm nature and her ability to ask all the right questions. Callie had this air about her that just let me know she had it under control. Callie even knew some things we wanted on our big day before we even knew of some of them. She would constantly bounce ideas off of me and I would often leave our conversations thinking, “I cannot believe I did not think of that”. She also became more than just our photographer when she would constantly respond to my random emails when I was just seeking advice on wedding details and marriage preparation in general. She became more than just a photographer to me, she became a friend. Your wedding day holds some of the most intimate moments with your family and friends. The NRP team not only highlighted those moments for us, but they really created a comfortable environment for us to enjoy ourselves. Bottom line - the NRP team is my number one wedding vendor recommendation and we could not be more happy with our experience.

Abigail & Ben

When I saw my photos? Tears, joy, excitement, blown away. The Nancy Ray team is unbelievably talented. One of the things that I noticed that in our images you can see the care and the intentionality that went into every image. They never take a photo just because, there is a reason and a purpose behind every image and it shows. I shared our photos with many friends and family and they could not stop talking about them and how beautiful they were. I got comments like, "these are the most beautiful images I have seen," "I can not stop looking at them," and I could not agree more. I loved her intentionality most. I didn't feel like I was just a costumer or a client for her. Callie took the time to get to know me and get to know Ben. Everything we received, email, letter, package was planned out with care and thoughtfulness. She made the day and the whole process about us, making sure she knew exactly what we wanted. On our day Callie was a great joy to have there. I felt like I had a sweet friend photographing my day and I knew it would be perfect because it was her and I knew she cared.

Kesley & Tom

We absolutely loved Callie and couldn't be more thrilled with our photos. She was extremely organized and I feel like she was one of the vendors that really listened to what we wanted and followed through exactly. She was a joy to be around and kept everything moving and efficient. We have been in a lot of weddings and every one of my bridesmaids commented on how great she was and how it was the easiest and most efficient picture taking they've ever done--without sacrificing any quality! My dad put it best when he said Callie and team did "an amazing job capturing the feeling of the day". Callie was so professional and organized from beginning to end. This was one of the vendors I felt strongly about from the beginning and I was definitely right. Tom and I don't love attention and were very nervous about the engagement photos because it is so out of our comfort zone but after we finished them we both knew we were in such good hands for our wedding day. Callie was amazing and so was the rest of the team. When they showed up on the wedding day I knew I didn't have to worry about photos the entire day because they were so on their game so I could just enjoy myself. I can't even tell you how many people reached out to me about our photos and said they were some of the best they've ever seen. It makes me so incredibly happy knowing we have these amazing images from the best day! Callie also handled some interesting family situations with grace and ease and took it out of my hands which was such a stress relief for me.