above: sneak peek from branches and light styled shoot
currently reading: The Mesh
currently wanting: glitter TOMS
currently excited about: Valentine’s Day
currently proud of: Winston
also proud of: my new blue living room
currently listening to: The Civil Wars new album.
It’s beautiful.

I love all things lovely, and valentines day just happens to be one of my favorite holidays.  Will and I have already decided that we are going to a marriage seminar at our church, followed by a sweet date at home.  Nothing too fancy, but very “us.”  He’s going to cook for me, and I’m going to wear a pretty dress.  I love Valentine’s day.

And February for that matter.  It’s already given us a small taste of Spring in the warmer temperatures.  Granted, most days are still in the 40’s, tomorrow will be in the 70’s!  Oh I’m so happy.
“February : the second month of the year, considered the last month of winter.” I like the sound of that.

February is also the month for dreaming.  Weddings and sessions are slow, and I keep it that way on purpose.  I am dreaming and organizing, planning on many new changes to Nancy Ray Photography this year.  I look at my calendar, with all the weddings, sessions, and travel, and I get a little overwhelmed.  February is the time for me to stop, breathe, and get my systems in place so I can have a balanced life when the craziness arrives.

So here are my February goals…

Paint my master bathroom
Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Have a lovely time at the Sutherland Bridal Show
WPPI + Airplanes and Blazers + MTH reunion
Begin working on my brand refresh
Get my emails down to zero
Finish a Novel
Shoot my first 2011 out-of-state wedding
Organize my new iMac (folders, photos, apps)
Deliver lots of wedding albums and mark almost all 2010 folders as “complete”
Design and order samples from my new album company

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Lisa (mother of the bride!)


Words will never express our gratitude for the kindness of your hearts in sharing this moment and capturing it for all to see and experience…this “God kiss” moment. We will never forget how God orchestrated it all and how He brought you guys to be a part of it and our lives. Thank you both for sharing your talents, love and sweet spirits. You will forever be in our hearts.

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday of love :) You guys are such an inspiration for when Donny and I get married!

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