February Goals

– Read 12 in 12: How to raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor
(A super informative book given by some dear friends of mine!)
– Hire and begin training our new NRP Associate Photographer
– Create my 2015 Booklist
– Begin taking Birth Classes with Will (!)
– Host a team lunch
– Plan a team fun day for this Spring
– Walk / Run a 15K
– Book our Babymoon
– Declutter Nursery Room + Guest Room Closet
– Paint the Nursery (we decided on a beautiful light grey)
– Clean out studio / back up all files to start fresh for the year*
– Choose dates for our financial workshop in the fall*
*incomplete from last month

This baby makes me feel like I’m racing against the clock, because I am! And these sweet little kicks I’m feeling as I type are reminding me that time is ticking away… and all of this planning is worth it. I’m front loading this year, and backloading it too – in order to make room for this baby and my maternity leave this summer. I have a vision in my head of May 1st : a clean and clutter free house, a new website about to launch, a large belly on a very active body (yes, I plan to run throughout my pregnancy!), and my travel, speaking, and wedding dates planned for the rest of the year.

I am far from that vision right now. My house feels very cluttered, I haven’t begun the new website process yet, I’ve slowed my running a bit after my 10K race. But it’s important to know : ALL GOALS START WITH A VISION. Otherwise, you don’t have a starting point for good goals!

I visualize that by the time this baby comes, I’m healthy and happy and all my ducks are in a row. Now, it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves and hustle. While this baby has taken me on a whirlwind of emotions (see this post, and come back tomorrow for another Baby Ray update), I am so thankful. God’s timing is good, and a tiny little life is about to enter into my world and change it forever. My goal setting, for the most part, hasn’t changed. But my focus has shifted :

less is more
people are more important than tasks
I need to care for my body more than ever
treasuring time with Will is my focus
my little family is the most important thing I can invest in

Time is flying. Let’s do this, February!

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Hi Nancy, a website you may find interesting/helpful is Its ‘owner’ is Brooke, an Aussie mum of 2 kids, living a simplified and clutter free life (and home)…. ie. it can be done! Wishing you all the best with your de-cluttering and running xo

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