“I would love to see a post about what you find inspiring about living in Boone” – Maggie

there are so many things that i find inspiring about boone, but i think the thing that i love the most is the changing seasons.  every season is beautifully exaggerated.  today, i had to change from a skirt into jeans, put socks & shoes on, and put on a jacket to just go to the grocery store.  IT IS FALL!  the leaves are already changing and falling, and the air is brisk.  it’s almost like boone knows the calendar, and as soon as a season changes the atmosphere does too.

how is that inspiring? i love change, yet i love tradition.  with every season, i look forward to the change it brings, as well as the traditions i keep in my heart and family.  ok i know i sound like a total cheeseball right now, but it’s true! and it’s those things that i want to reflect with every wedding & family i photograph – their change & their traditions.


“I think you should write about your long term future goals. I always enjoy reading your monthly goals, but it is also enjoyable to know where you and will are headed long term. I would love the mutual encouragement anyhow.” – Joy

goooaaals!  oh man i love goals.  i really couldn’t function without them – it’s just in my nature to dream up new and exciting things, and to feel that sense of accomplishment once it is crossed off.  here are a few of my long term goals, but stay tuned because i’m going to dedicate an entire blogpost to my life goals!   i’m still working on that… it’s going to be quite a long list.

• have a wedding photography business that shoots 20-30 weddings/year & 20-30 families/year on average
• get a dog (preferably a great dane or a german pointer)
• own a home that also has an attached studio for work & client meetings
• have the cutest little family you’ve ever seen!  3 kids would be amazing.
• teach photography workshops in NC and in other states
• grow to be more in love with will when we’re old than we are right now (which is a LOT!)

“I liked Mary Lindsey’s pics on your other blog and I would like to see a blog about her babies when they are born.” – Beth
“We would like you to blog about the triplets in the future” – Ryan & Reba
“So a post I am looking forward to would be with the new baby triplets your sister is due with” – Jessica

i took some sweet newborn pics that you can see HERE, but stay tuned because we are making another visit in just a few weeks and i can’t wait to get my hands on all 3 nephews  & my sweet little niece!

“One thing I would love to hear is your list of books you recommend for newly married couples. You had a great engagement list you shared with me and I know you have new ones from this last year.” – Kristen

i just recently posted will and i’s “must read engagement books” HERE.  that is a great question, and we were so thankful these books were recommended to us.  we read more than what was just on this list, (we are kind of nerdy like that,) but these are definitely the best.  they each cover a unique aspect of marriage that is so important.

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so I just read this post and saw that you are looking to maybe get a german pointer…I can only assume a german shorthair? boy do we have a lot to talk about tomorrow!!! This is Daisy. We LOOOOVE her. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

oh nance, you inspire me so much! i don’t have much time to write now, but i just thought it was funny you want a great dane too! i’m so obsessed it’s not even funny. we lived next door to one this summer and would call her over to our yard to play with us…they are stunning dogs.

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