Mini Sessions are so great! They really are one of my most favorite things I get to do as the NRP Family Photographer. This Spring y’all came out in full force, and because I know the Fall is prime time for Christmas cards, I decided to give our clients PLENTY of opportunity for a mini session slot! And you didn’t disappoint! I hung out at Fred Fletcher Park for almost two full days on one of the first amazing fall weekends we had in Raleigh. Y’all came out with your sweet almost newborn babies, fur babies, best outfits, incredible shoes (!!) favorite cars, and the list goes on! It is the most fun to watch so many families interact with one another even in just the short time we have together! Seriously, y’all are the sweetest people ever and I can’t believe I get to do this as my job! If you came out for mini’s this fall – THANK YOU! Like so much! Getting to meet you fills my heart more than you know. You all are the most beautiful people, inside and out!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab


I just adore this couple! Their kiddos go to school with mine so I see this mama pretty often! Fun fact – the other day she was totally handing out popcorn to all of us waiting in the carpool line. Isn’t that amazing?



Goodness! Big bows and boys in jumpers about do me in! Seriously, SO adorable. 


I just love when families with children about the same age as mine come for minis! Also these sweet people didn’t just love one another – they absolutely liked one another, too! I had so much fun watching them interact during our time together.


This blue eye’d cutie has gotten so big since I saw him last! I just love that their sweet pup joined them as well! Love those gummy grins!



Another family that is near and dear to my heart! Their smiles just say it all. They were literally cracking jokes the ENTIRE time. Love the way they love one another!


This family has been a client of NRP for years! Kid you not – I asked this mama where she got her daughter’s outfit. Pretty sure I need that denim get up in my life!  


Mother/Daughter sessions make my heart melt.  This sweet girl is the same age as my own daughter and it was the sweetest watching them together. Also, this was another instance where I asked about clothes deets. This time, it was her mama’s paints. Aren’t they amazing?


Y’all I literally can’t get over this adorable family. Shoes are my love language and can we please talk about those mini Jordan’s? They are absolutely everything.



Seriously so stinking cute! This little man was JUST about to turn one and he was all smiles for the camera!

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