Image by Callie from our amazing maternity session

It does not even feel right that I’m writing this blogpost, but here it is you guys:

Me and my extremely pregnant be-hind are officially off on maternity leave while we wait for our Tate twins to arrive! As you read this, I’m over 32 weeks pregnant and riding the struggle-bus (in the best way possible)… everything is actually going really well with this pregnancy and we’re so very thankful for that. Side note: moms of multiples please tell me how you survived the final weeks of pregnancy. I welcome your tips and tricks for comfort (because OUCH), and encouragement where I just have to tough it out and feel uncomfortable.

Right now, we are excited (major understatement), nervous, impatient, hyper-focused, and trying to let go of all expectation – we don’t know when or how our babies will arrive, but we’ve been told to just be flexible! Jackson Lee (Jack) and Ava Tyler (Ava) are due Jan 15, but the only thing we know is that term for twins is 37-38 weeks so we should be having them sometime in December. That’s just a couple of weeks away! Excuse me while I pick myself up off of the floor.

In my heart of hearts I can just see Robert and I cuddled up on the couch with hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies and a Christmas movie and twinkly Christmas tree lights and 2 brand new coo-ing cozy babies in our arms… and when I think about that I literally just could keel over from excitement. Of course, real twin newborn life… add in sleep deprivation, lots of diaper changes and screaming babies, a messy house, hospital recovery, store-bought chocolate chip cookies, and that glass of merlot I’ve been missing for about 8 months now, and we’re probably more on the right track. Just bein’ real. Either way… come on babies!

Now, you guys – it is a really weird feeling for me to let go of photography for a season, but it is incredibly, unquestionably necessary. Nancy has written a ton on the benefits of taking a legit maternity leave, and no part of me takes that lightly. I do want to make sure you wonderful families know that you don’t have to put family picture plans on hold because I’m gone. One of my favorite people ever in the world, Olivia, will be taking over for me in the coming months! You’re in great hands with this chica, I’m telling you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to NRP if you’re expecting a little one, or just in need of some updated family photos. She’ll hook you up.

So everyone… be on the lookout! Our baby boy and baby girl will be here so soon. Robert and I greatly appreciate your prayers and your encouragement in the coming weeks and can’t wait to introduce our little ones to you!

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Love the names your have chosen! congrats and have FUN!

Ed, Jack and I are thinking and praying for y’all! We will miss you around these parts but will keep up with your IG and can’t wait to see Ava and Jack!

We are so glad you are here!

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