Welcome to Downton Abbey.

And by Downton Abbey, I mean, my tiny little townhouse. Lord William and I decided to host a Downton themed dinner party for Valentine’s day, and I must say – it was incredibly fun! I mean, when do you get to shine all of the silver you own and actually use it? When do you get to dress up in black tie formals and eat a fancy meal at home? When do you get to address every person at the table as “Lord” and “Lady?” Only when you throw a Downton Dinner!

It all started with the calligraphy invitations, complete with instructions to dress the part. Then the dinner planning begin, and that was a feat. A 5 course meal for 8 people was the most complicated thing I’ve ever prepared (no, I don’t have a Mrs. Patmore of my own), but it was a wonderful challenge. Then finding the right attire, and finally, preparing for the festivities to follow dinner. Our guests were regal and stately, as they should be. Everyone had a mahvelous time!

We ended the wonderful dinner feast and conversation with a game of charades, which was classic entertainment. There was much laughter that filled our home that evening, and I treasure the friendships I have. Aren’t we guilty of always saying, “I don’t have time to do things like this” – to plan dinner parties, to spend a long evening playing games? But, when you make it a priority, you can do it! And in the end, it’s worth it.

I’ll never forget our night at Downton Abbey.

Pictured from left to right: Lord Graham, Lady SamanthaLord William, Lady Nancy (that’s me!),Lady Emily, Lord John, Lady Emily, Lord Ted.

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The best! Cheers to the consummate hosts!

I love reliving that night! We had the best time. Thank you Lady Nancy and Lord William both for putting on such an elegant evening!!!

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