From Becca:
This project is a fun way to add a little metallic zest to your wedding or party tabletop. Since we were using gold flatware and going for a more playful and contemporary take on a traditional tried and true color palette, adding a little gold wire to our otherwise simple glass floral vessels helps pull it all together in a way that is unique and unexpected.

This is a project perfect for weddings, bridal showers, or simple entertaining in your own home. It is easy and there’s no wrong way to go about it!

Styling, Creative Direction & Floral Design: Rebecca Rose Creative
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab
Venue: The Merrimon-Wynne House
Linen: Nuage Designs

Big thanks to The Daily South for featuring this fun DIY project! Click here to see the full feature!

DIY Instructions:

Step One: Gather your supplies!

We used delicate glass bud vases of varying sizes, and gathered fresh flowers and some gold floral wire (available at any craft store in the floral supplies aisle). Don’t forget a pair of wire cutters!


Step Two: Wrap the Vases

Delicately wrap each vase with the gold wire. Be sure to tightly secure the end around the bottom of the base so that no wire edge is showing (or able to scratch you)! Once you have wrapped the wire around the desired amount, clip the end and be sure to tuck that top end into the top of the vase. Again, this is so that no wire edge is exposed and cannot harm you (or your florist).


Step Three: Add the Blooms!

Whether you’ve decorated the vases to give to your florist, or you’re arranging the flowers on your own, the next step in this process is to add water and some beautiful fresh blooms! As stems are added, you’ll see the wire start to really add a fun metallic contrast.


Step Four: Voila! Finish Your Tabletop!

Start creating your place settings and add the flowers to the center of the table. Enjoy!


Bonus Ideas:

Use the gold wire on bouquet wraps and boutonnieres at your wedding for cohesiveness and you’ll find that adds another fun element of design interest!

Or – add color! We used gold wire, but it can be found in many metallic colors such as copper, silver, red, blue, etc. Have fun!

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