Last night, we hosted an Online Free Training Class all about Film Photography! Here’s a brief recap of all we covered:

  • I did a LIVE demo with my film camera in the class, teaching how to use a medium format camera, my approach to shooting, and sharing the 5 Steps to Shooting in Film.
  • I shared my journey to film, the obstacles I faced when learning film photography, and the lies we have to overcome like “I don’t know where to start,” “It’s too expensive,” and “I could never be a Fine Art Film Photographer.”
  • Then I shared how shooting in film truly can TRANSFORM your business, in the best way. Not only does it make you stand out in a world of digital photographers, get you more features and publications, and make you more profitable… it changes you into a better photographer.

(Sad to have missed the training? You’re not too late! CLICK HERE to register for tomorrow’s training at 1pm!)

At the end of the training, I unveiled my new course:

Foundations in Film:
Learn to shoot Hybrid in 4 weeks


And photographers are hopping in faster than I expected! Click here to learn all about the new course, and we’d love to have you at tomorrow’s FREE FILM Training if you missed it last night!

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