This is going to be the best month of the year for me. No, really, it is! Just take a look at some of the amazing things I’ll be doing in December:

• I’ll be meeting some incredible, gifted leaders in the wedding industry at Engage 2012! (Confession: I am most looking forward to the 6am yoga sessions. In Florida. In December. So thrilled!)

• I’ll be celebrating Jesus’s birthday here in Raleigh, at our home. Enough said.

• Will and I will be accomplishing one of our biggest financial goals together. We’ll be sharing more about this in the New Year when everything is wrapped up, but this December is really special to us because of that.

• I’ll be turning 26 on New Year’s Eve in Nashville, surrounded by my mom, my sister & her family (husband + 2 nieces + 3 nephews), as well as Will’s family (!) (my sweet mom-in-law, my sisters Jess and Sam, and my (Will’s) brother John).  We will roast s’mores and sing worship by the fire and play games, and I could literally ask for nothing more for my birthday. If only you knew how special each person is to me – all of my closest and dearest friends and family in one place!

I am always filled with joy in the Christmas season, and this first day of December is no different. I truly feel like my cup is overflowing before this month has really begun. I took Winston for a 2 mile walk today, and was overwhelmed with the goodness of God all around me. In the leaves, the sun, the families decorating for Christmas, the life I felt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I was, and am, overwhelmed with thankfulness. And tonight? I’m snuggling down with my man to watch Downton Abbey and wrap Christmas presents. I’m not going to lie – being at home on a Saturday is pretty incredible!

This December, my biggest goal is to focus on people, not things. To focus on time spent together, not stuff that will be out of style in a few months. To bless others with my words and my love. To rest. To give. To truly live, and to truly love.

December Goals

Complete 12 in 12 : Read Love Does
Attend Engage! 2012 (Sound off in the comments if you’ll be there!)
Complete editing for 2012 clients
Run 3-6 miles at least 3x week
(minimum of 4 miles 3x/week was great, but definitely a challenge. 3-5 miles 3x/week is much more doable during the holidays.)
Accomplish one of our biggest financial goals
Send out Christmas Cards
Finish wrapping gifts
Celebrate my 26th birthday in Nashville

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What are your goals this wonderful Christmas season?

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I am always so inspired by your monthly goals posts! Thank you for your consistency and enthusiasm! I have been putting off making monthly goals for a while now (for no reason I can think of)- but today, something changed. In these next couple weeks, I am so excited to reflect on the year and plan and challenge myself in this new year.

I loved reading this blog post! Thank you for sharing your positive outlook, it’s so uplifting!

YAY! Can’t wait to experience Engage with you, and HOPEFULLY experience 6am yoga with you! :)

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