The lifestyle side of newborn photography is very near and dear to my heart, simply stated. I really enjoy the posed sleepy baby pictures, but I love how much there is to document when you choose to focus on the photojournalistic side. It’s for that reason that I got really excited when Lauren and Jeff told me that they really wanted me to capture life as it is right now for their family more than perfectly posed sleepy baby pictures. I am always up for that task!

I got to their newly renovated home and noticed that the window light was fantastic. Holy cow. If only indoor light was this beautiful everywhere! We did some posed photos of beautiful little Liza Jane and moved on to focus on her in the context of her family. It’s always so fun to watch and document this part because it is real life that just unfolds right before my camera.

With this sweet family, it was a playful time with lots of laughing, lots of “Gooooo Duke!” chants, and lots of itsy bitsy spider songs and hand motions. Davis, Liza Jane’s big brother, was perfect. He cautiously admired his new little sister with his parents and was very sweet with her. Trust me when I say that this is rarely the case with big brothers under the age of 2! In the couple hours I spent with the family, it became very obvious that they live their lives in joy and truly celebrate life as it is at present.

Lauren and Jeff – thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful season of your lives just as it is now… cries, goldfish, tickles, cuddles and all!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab












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