Oh I love this couple! David is Will’s cousin, so I have of course adopted him as my own cousin. Will and I  have spent so many Thanksgivings and Christmases with David and his family, we’ve played lots of board games together, we’ve picked our our Christmas trees with David’s family the past 5 years each Thanksgiving, and of course Will has cute and embarrassing pictures with David as they were growing up together. David and his brothers are not the kind of distant cousins that you rarely see. They are the cousins who live close by, who celebrate birthdays with you, who cheered you on at high school games, and who continue to get together for dinner throughout the year.

When Danae came into the picture, we (yes – the entire extended family!) fell in love with her. Always smiling, always encouraging, easy to talk to, easy to laugh with… she was the perfect compliment for David. She didn’t miss a beat and fell right in step with our crazy holidays and games and family fun. She is a strong woman who loves the Lord and loves David. She lights up any room enters with her sweet joy and her beautiful smile.

David is a strong, quiet leader. He is the kind of man who isn’t afraid to lead by example. When he speaks, you want to hear what he has to say. And yet he also loves to laugh, loves to have fun, and loves Danae. They compliment one another so, so well. nancyray-daviddanae1nancyray-daviddanae2nancyray-daviddanae3

Over Thanksgiving I overheard David pull out his phone and say to his uncle, “Do you want to see the most beautiful thing in the world?” He proudly showed him the above photo of Danae, with a big smile on his face.


David and Danae, we love you guys so much. It was a joy capturing this sweet season of engagement!

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