It’s always great when we can find ways to bless family and friends with what we do. I was excited to do a maternity session for Whitney and Clay, knowing that they are family to Callie and her husband, Jamie (Clay is Jamie’s brother and you can totally see the resemblance!)

We did their session at their home in Raleigh, and it was really a very laid back time of taking pictures, having some conversation, and laughing a little, too. I learned that Clay and Jamie are a lot alike in terms of their senses of humor, which made the session lots of fun!

Whitney and Clay, at that point, didn’t have a name for their little boy, so they quickly learned about my habit of calling babies without names or unknown genders “the belly” (“Ok now put your hand on the belly” like, what else are you supposed to say?!) so we had a fun time laughing and joking about that – they encouraged me to just say a new random name every time I referred to him… pretty sure he was called like 15 different names in an hour and it was hilarious.

Whitney and Clay – I can’t wait to see you guys again in a couple of months for your newborn session! Then, I know (or at least I’m pretty sure) “the belly” will have an official name.

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