It’s such a surreal feeling to photograph your childhood best friend holding her very first baby! Jeanie, YOU ARE A MAMA!!

Without relaying too many embarrassing details, Jeanie and I go further back than any other friend I have. She’s more like a sister to me than a friend. She knows every detail of my family, my history, my extravagant love for beanie babies and horses and oreo cake as a child, she knows my fear of scary movies and my love for Jesus and my inability to play any kind of interactive sport, she saw my in my high school plays and she went to summer camp with me and we would spend the night at each others houses growing up time and time again. For a long time (during what I affectionately refer to as my awkward ‘homeschooling horseback riding years”), Jeanie was my only friend. She was right there for me through it all. When my parents got divorced, when I got married (we were bridesmaids in each others weddings), when I had Milly and Lyndon.

I think the first time I spent the night at her house, I was 4 years old. To think that Milly is 3.5 blows my mind – Milly could find her Jeanie so soon! What a treasure friendship is. It’s also surreal to think that Jeanie has her own little Charlotte now too, born in June, and I’m about to have a little lady born in December. Which is almost EXACTLY like me and Jeanie: born in July and December of the same year.

Little Charlotte was the most precious thing you’ve ever seen. Her head full of hair was just the softest thing in the world – so beautiful and surprising and I couldn’t stop touching it. She did beautifully during her session, sleeping most of the time, and having an all out poop and pee blow out on her dad which was pretty much the most hysterical thing we’ve ever seen! Oh I was so glad it was Jeanie and Mark because we were dying laughing! If it had been any other client I don’t know that I would have handled it as well, but sure enough I was cleaning up the poop and laughing my head off right there with them. Goodness I love newborn sessions!

Their sweet pup Penny was just TOO MUCH. I literally can’t handle this dog. I’m pretty sure that Penny’s adorableness (is that a word?) has sealed the deal for me and Will – the next dog we get will be a bully. I just can’t with her little snorts and snuggles and hilarious ways. And she’s a great big sister to Charlotte! So careful and cute!

Mark and Jeanie, we are just so over the moon happy for you guys and your precious girl! Charlotte is a dream!

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