Sweet Cassie has been such a blessing to the NRP Team for the past couple of months and we are so thankful for her loyal servant’s heart! I’m excited to let her tell you a little bit about what she has learned through her intern experience! Take it away Cassie!

I blinked and we are here! I cannot believe I am wrapping up my NRP internship. My heart is full and I am deeply thankful for the ways this team has encouraged, lovingly mentored, and taught me. This season was full of new experiences, hard work, and growing friendships. When I think about the last three months and what I have learned, it is hard to even begin to write it all down. The NRP team has taught me SO MUCH, and I will be forever grateful for this experience. For now I will leave you with the top 5 things I learned from my internship, and I hope this gives you a glimpse into this sweet sweet season!

For starters, they introduced my husband and I to Cheerwine, and I have to say that this Seattle couple will never look at soda the same again!


Love Your Clients and Love Your Team
On my first day as the NRP intern, I was greeted by the entire team at Jubala with big hugs and a latte. They wanted to hear about me, how the summer was going, what I was most excited about, and what I hoped to learn. This is the way the NRP team greets everyone from vendors to new clients. They encourage one another, and they lead with a servant heart. When Callie talks to a bride on the phone she always ends the conversation saying, “Is there any other way I can serve you?” This is what makes NRP so special. Their heart for service and loving their clients goes beyond anything I have seen. This team truly wants to love their community well, and it is evident in every layer of the business.



Never Stop Learning
Nancy and her team have a heart for teaching and continued education. During my time at NRP I was able to assist at weddings, moderate Nancy’s webinar, attend filming for upcoming photography courses Nancy will be offering in 2017, and read business books she recommends. Nancy has a gift for teaching, and she has taught me so much! Between time spent with each of the NRP girls, I learned how to use the Contax, roll and care for film, how to pack and prepare for a wedding day, and so much more. I assisted at styled shoots, family mini sessions, I shadowed Callie as she edits in the studio, and attended team meetings. I also witnessed the way Nancy and her team crave continued education. They are reading new business books, watching webinars, and pushing themselves to grow in their field. Every time I left the studio I was encouraged by the way this team is always striving to be better, to learn more, and to grow in their field.


Stay Organized
NRP is INTENTIONAL about their organization! They have clarity in their workflow, expectations are clear and written down, and common tasks are documented and easy to reproduce. I was so thankful for my intern handbook! I used it every time I was in the studio to reference how to complete various studio tasks from mailing our thank you for booking gifts, to linking blog posts. This sweet team shares my love for beautiful planners, list making, and sticky notes!!


Fill Your Passion Bucket
At our last team meeting, Nancy encouraged everyone to think about ways to fill up their “passion bucket,” as we entered into the off-season. She challenged us to do what fires us up and gives us life! Give a session away, travel, learn something new. Stay passionate and excited about the work you do by finding what fires you up about your field and go do that! Prioritize staying passionate, and you will continue to grow!



Glorify the Lord in all you do
The NRP team prays before they begin anything— a team meeting, a wedding, a session, all of it. They cheer each other on, they have servant hearts, and they are intentional about pointing people to Jesus through their business. This is what defines them, this is who they are, and this is especially why I loved being a part of this sweet team. It was an honor to join the NRP family.

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