I knew I was going to love this couple from the moment I met Caroline for coffee a few weeks back. She has such a sweet spirit about her, and she is incredibly genuine and thoughtful. I’ll never forget sitting outside sipping my latte, feeling like I had known her for so long, even though I had just met her. And the way she talked about Patrick made me so excited to meet him! She went on and on about what a wonderful guy he is, and what a great family he has. He is the oldest of 7 kids, and it’s obvious that family is so important to both of them. Patrick’s family owns a vacation home in Pine Knolls Shores, a beautiful secret on the coast of North Carolina, which was where they decided to do their engagement session. It’s right near Beaufort, where Will and I vacation every summer, so it was a blast exploring these secluded beaches nearby and seeing such a special place to Caroline and Patrick. When we arrived (Will accompanied me this time!), Patrick said that if we saw any kids running around, most likely they belonged to his family. Sure enough, when we ventured out onto the beach, a small audience was forming on the pier, pointing and waving at all of us on the beach. It was so much fun to see his family so enthralled in our session! I know this wedding will be celebrated by so many people who love them. I for one am so excited to see all of his little brothers and sisters dressed up at the wedding! Caroline and Patrick, I cannot wait for your beautiful wedding day!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

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