Caroline and Kevin are simply in love. They have been dating for four years – three of those years have been long distance, but as Caroline told me, “It has only made us closer.” They are most excited to be married and together in the same city, doing life together as one. (What a sweet thing that I took for granted throughout my own engagement!) Our session took place on NC State’s campus, where they both attended college and then we headed downtown to City Market. I love the way they laughed throughout the session and held each other close as we walked around together on a hot summer evening.







Isn’t Caroline’s ring gorgeous! I love when I was taking this picture, she shared with me how excited she was to have a picture of it. Caroline is a nurse in the operating room and she isn’t able to wear her ring most of the day. As a newly engaged woman, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to take it off so often! I’m thankful that marriage isn’t something that you can just take off, but it is something that we choose to walk in every single day. I am so excited for Caroline and Kevin to be married this fall!





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