Caroline and JT are two of the kindest people you will meet. Their heart for Jesus is unwavering and they have built a relationship on Him and Him alone. Getting to walk around Merritt’s Pasture with them and hear about a few of their favorite date night spots was a highlight to my spring! I loved getting to know them and see how giddy they got whenever they were together. These two had me counting down the days until their wedding.

And while I can’t wait to show you their wedding images; I wanted to share these beautiful images first!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab

nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1033 carolineandjt1 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1007 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1066 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1012 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1071 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1067 carolineandjt2 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1062 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1000 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1086 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1087 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1003 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1048 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1055 carolineandjt3 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1092 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1075 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1078 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1096 nrp-olivia-caroandjtwed-1039

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Tiffany Allen Photography

Pictures are just wow! You two together look more gorgeous. Love and peace can be seen in photography.

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!