Every year, we go camping with our dear friends Emily and John. (See our first and second and third years camping.) This is year four, and we added two other little campers to our mix! Milly and June were first timers, but goodness they did great. Well, if you count the fact that I only got 3 hours of sleep the first night. (Milly apparently thought it was SO fun to see mama and dada in the moonlight sleeping in the SAME tent. She proceeded to play with me from 1:30 – 3:30am. Being that I couldn’t fall asleep until 1:15… right when she woke up… I only slept from 3:30 – 6:30. But watching her laugh and smile and play in the moonlight? Some of my favorite memories from this trip!)

Fair warning: there are plenty of pj’s, no-make up, unpolished photos below. But goodness that’s my favorite part of camping! Just keepin’ it real.

Lastly, Emily’s blogpost about this trip was PERFECT. I loved reading her perspective too,!

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I think the best part about this trip is how relaxed we all were. We planned one relatively easy hike, and of course our meals, but other than that – we left it open. That allowed us to feel the flexibility and freedom to do what was best for our girls. All in all, they were super excited to be outside! Milly loved picking up leaves and exploring the field. June bug slept great both nights, even with a little cold! And I think we all loved our stop in Blowing Rock to eat some pizza after our long hike.




Last year when we went camping, I was quite pregnant. Heartburn was in full force, and I thought that it might be our last camping trip because I couldn’t imagine camping with babies. But I distinctly remember walking into the bathhouse 7 months pregnant, and I saw another young mom in there with a baby. I asked her how old she was and she smiled and said, “4 months!” I realized at that point that you really can do anything you want with kids. Yes it’s a challenge, but those memories are worth fighting for. And I stand by that today. Camping with babies was hard but SO MUCH FUN. We made sure to pack a lot of grace and patience to go along with our wipes and goldfish and diapers!












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I hope they are friends forever because Milly and June are the cutest best friends name ever! They need to write a children’s book!

This is so encouraging! Matt and I love camping, but haven’t attempted it yet with Xavier. It’s so sweet to hear your experience and I love that you just rolled with the zero sleep and treasure those memories. I’ve been feeling sad because with baby #2 coming it feels like camping will literally never happen again, but that doesn’t have to be true!! Such sweet photos, too.

I still remember meeting that mom, too! Hopefully we paid her confidence forward in some way on this trip, too! :)

I love everything about this post! I can just imagine Milly looking through these photos when she’s older and loving seeing her little self and family so happy on vacation! Totally worth it! You’re making me want to go camping!!

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