As you are planning your wedding, the biggest decisions you will make will be in your details. Whether it’s the earrings you are going to wear, how you are going to display your guests’ escort cards, or the flowers that will fill your reception tables, these details tell a story – your story. It’s important to have these precious details photographed as a reminder of your love story and style. Your photographer should carve out time throughout your wedding day to photograph these details.

Prepare in advance. Let you photographer know where your dress and shoes can be found so they can get detail shots of those special pieces. Gather all of your details together in a small bag or box to present to your photographer when they arrive. They will want to take pictures of these details before you put them on, if possible.

In your small bag or box, you should include:
– Paper goods – program, escort card, menu, full invitation suite with extra envelops and any other details like a spool of string or ribbon used to tie your suite together
– Jewelry – earrings, necklace, etc.
– Garter set
– Rings (his and her wedding bands, as well as your engagement ring)
– Any other sentimental details that you might want to include

Cocktail Hour
Communicate with your photographer about any special details that you will have during your cocktail hour – guest book, escort cards, wedding favors, specialty cocktails or food. These details will most likely be photographed during your cocktail hour or before. We like to photograph these details in context! For example, it makes more sense for a guest to be holding a cocktail, or a server holding a lovely tray of hors d’oeuvres.

The best scenario for photographing the reception details of your wedding is to hold your cocktail hour in a different location. This will give your photographer the opportunity to have the space to themselves and capture all of the detail pictures without the difficulty of dodging guests and servers! It is helpful to coordinate this time with the wedding planner or coordinator, to make sure everything is completely ready and set (with candles lit), so your photographer can capture it efficiently in the small window of time given on a wedding day. We love to photograph wide shots of the full space, close up individual shots of any special details, your floral arrangements, furniture, table setting, and cake.


A few last tips:

– The more hours of coverage that you have your photographer booked, the more time they will have to style and photograph these details! It takes time to photograph and style details, and the results are always best when your photographer is not rushed, but has the creative flexibility to move things into better light, if needed.

– If there is a detail that is placed in an obscure place that the photographer might not know about, make sure you communicate that ahead of time.

– There is a difference between a Wedding Planner and Designer / Stylist. Most of the time, Wedding Planners offer the practical help of planning your wedding from start to finish, and executing that plan on the wedding day by being the “point person” to call all of the shots. Designers / Stylists will guide you stylistically, offering resources and guidance on the creativity look of your wedding day. If you hire a Stylist, it benefits the photographer because they often also help to “style” the details in a beautiful format, like you see here! Becca Rose styled many of these images while Nancy photographed them, which made things time efficient and beautiful – a win win on a wedding day!


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[…] If you look at wedding blogs or magazines frequently, you will notice that they like to publish lots of images of the details of your wedding day – floral arrangements, paper goods, etc. These are the images where brides will find inspiration for their own weddings. It's important to prepare the details for your photographer, so they can take time to photograph them. To learn more about what this actually means, read this blogpost. […]

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