Meet my incredible immediate family! These people mean the world to me, and family photos on your wedding day are some of the most important pictures that you will take. Your wedding day will be a unique day, because hopefully all of your family will be together in one place, and it’s definitely important to capture you all together. These are the images that will be framed throughout your families homes and the pictures you will look back on to remember the beautiful joining of two families.

Because our wedding ceremony was held outdoors, Jamie and I decided to have all of our family pictures taken outdoors. Not only did it allow for Nancy to shoot in film, but I also knew that it would give our pictures the warm and natural feel that I wanted. I encourage all brides to request to have their family pictures done outside.

If you are getting married in a church, it’s easy to automatically assume that you have to have your family pictures taken inside by the altar. While these pictures are beautiful and traditional, I love the way that outdoor family pictures have the same style and lighting as the rest of our formal portraits. The key is making sure all of the formal portraits flow together beautifully and cohesively.

Also, be sure to communicate with your photographer beforehand a specific list of the different combinations of family pictures that you want. Keep in mind that the more pictures that you would like to take and the bigger your family is, the longer this picture time will last. We like to carve out at least 25 minutes for family portraits in our wedding day timeline.

Your family pictures are going to be treasured heirlooms for years to come.  Building adequate time into your timeline and intentionally choosing the location will go a long way to ensure they are the pictures that you want for your family.

Question for married readers: What’s your favorite thing about the family portraits from your wedding? 


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Outside for family portraits all the way! I loved having all our close & distance relatives all in one place & one frame on our wedding day. Such a special time! And unlike Erin’s wedding, our day was actually pretty chilly! We still opted for outdoor photos & took them quickly so everyone could head inside & warm up.

From my experience at our own wedding & from shooting weddings, it does help to set up for portraits somewhat away from where the cocktail hour (or in our case, cider hour) is taking place so that everyone can focus on the photographer(s), hear when they’re need for photos & not be as distracted. It’s no fun when you have to shout, “Aunt Sue? Has anyone seen Aunt Sue?” over & over haha :)

I love this! I remember soon after we got married, another photographer wrote a blog about outdoor family photos. I chose to have mine inside, by the altar, but looking back, so wish I had done them outside! It was HOT on my wedding day so my family would not have been thrilled about that, but the images are stunning. We love flipping back through and noticing the changes our family has had. We’ve watched little ones grow and older ones go to be with the Lord. Our family images are so special for us for the sole purpose of capturing where we were in that moment and looking back with fond memories!

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