I will never, ever forget this sweet day. When I received the call from Jamie saying that he was getting ready to propose to Callie, I could not stop smiling! I was so excited for both of them. Callie and I have spent hundreds of hours in the studio together, so inevitably we talked quite a bit about their relationship. I knew it was coming soon, but I had no idea when. When the date was set, I knew that my job was to keep completely quiet in the studio, to act as if nothing was happening. When I was out “running errands,” I was secretly meeting Jamie at the proposal spot to discuss the best lighting and our hiding places. I was so nervous Callie would find out somehow – I was deleting texts on my phone and being super secretive! It was so fun to say, “Have a great weekend, Callie! See you Tuesday!” when all along I knew I’d see her Sunday. I was so nervous and so excited!

Will and I arrived in plenty of time to stake our our hiding spots. Oh I was just praying she wouldn’t hear the clicks of our shutters! They arrived at the “spot” and my heart began to beat faster. Thankfully, when Jamie got down on one knee, Callie was crying too loud for her to hear us at all! It was so sweet, and you better believe I was crying behind my camera. We were far enough away to not hear the words that were spoken, but close enough to see how carefully chosen each word was. Jamie did a wonderful job surprising Callie, and it was obvious how long they have waited for this moment – it was incredibly special. Jamie and Callie didn’t rush their relationship, but prayerfully waited on the Lord’s timing. There’s nothing in the world sweeter than that.


Will and I finally revealed ourselves and had a sweet film-session with Callie and Jamie in the gardens where he proposed. It was precious being able to walk around with the both of them filled to the brim with pure joy!


We said our congratulations and farewells, only to participate in Part 2 of Jamie’s surprise – to sneak off to a beautiful reception for Callie and Jamie at Callie’s parent’s home. All of their closest friends and families were waiting, ready with lots of tears, hugs, and words of celebration. It was so sweet meeting everyone so dear to Callie and Jamie! I can’t wait for their wedding in May!

nancyray-calliejamie7 nancyray-caljamproposal-1143

Congratulations to the sweetest, most genuine couple. Each of you is filled with the selfless love of Jesus, and because of that there’s no doubt you two will have a beautiful, rich, long lasting marriage! Love you both. Can’t wait for your big day!

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Nancy this is beautiful! I recently found your blog and subsequently this post through a link. This is the most beautiful engagement shoot that I have ever seen! Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for capturing these beautiful , joyful and emotional moments in Jamie and Callie’s life.

Absolutely LOVE these beautiful photos! What a special moment to capture. Any chance we can know where those floral dresses are from? I think I’m in love!

Crying!! Callie, your joy is so beautiful! SO excited for y’all!

Ah! Crying at my desk reading this!! Nancy and Will, y’all did an amazing job capturing this moment — and all while crying behind your camera! Callie, I’m so, so thrilled for you!!

Nancy, oh my word! This may just be my favorite blog post you’ve ever done. I can only imagine your excitement as you hid capturing all of the joy of these moments. Each photo is so gorgeous – well done! Congratulations, Callie!!!

I seriously have NO idea how you did this Nancy!! I would have been shaking with nerves and excitement the entire time!! These are beautiful and how awesome for them to have these moments on film forever!

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