Hi there! Below is a session that means a whole lot to me. Over the Fourth of July, Andrew and I headed to the beach with Callie and Jamie, and while there I did a little anniversary session for the two of them and their little pups! Callie and I have spent a lot of time together over the last 2 and a half years. She was the primary person to train me, we have gone on lots of adventures together with work and outside of work, we have celebrated so many wonderful seasons in life and walked through some very difficult ones. She even stood next to me as I married my very best friend. What has been even sweeter than the friendship Callie and I have grown, is watching our husbands become best friends too.

Andrew and Jamie are two peas in a pod. If you know either of them together, or you know Callie and I, it does not take long to realize one thing: Callie and Andrew are the SAME. EXACT. PERSON. and Jamie and I are also…THE. SAME. EXACT. PERSON. This is probably why we all get along so well, and we often say if Callie and Andrew were married they would live in a shack, but be the wealthiest people around town. If Jamie and I were married, we would be living large, attending all the events, and up to our eyeballs in debt. Isn’t it funny how the Lord clearly knows exactly the spouse we need to compliment our strengths and weaknesses? This is exactly what allows Callie and I to work so well together, and it is funny because Andrew and Jamie also work in the same industry. They do the same thing on a day to day basis, making our dinner conversations super boring for Callie and I. (Talking about land all evening is not quite exhilarating.)

During the last couple of years, however, Andrew and I have gotten to see and learn first hand from Callie and Jamie as individuals, friends and in their marriage. So for this little post we decided to share with you 5 things we have learned from our sweet friends.

1. Callie and Jamie give without hesitation. They are always quick to offer up a ride, their home, or time, to serve their friends and family, and ultimately serve the kingdom. We have been on the receiving end of this multiple times and it pushes us to live our lives with open hands. Knowing that we are not the owner of our time and things, but rather the Lord is, and we should be willing servants of the Lord.

2. On this same note, we have definitely learned a thing or two from them about boundaries. They know when it is important to say no to an event or opportunity in order to say yes to each other. This has been such a privilege to watch, because we know how hard it can be to be pulled in a thousand different directions and not say yes to all of them. They have showed us the importance of choosing your spouse first, and our marriage is stronger for it.

3. A late night cookout run is always a good idea. And while yes, the amount of calories Jamie and Andrew have consumed from Cookout is probably enough to feed someone for a month, we really do love how they don’t take themselves too serious; that pulling up to a cookout in a fancy dress and heels is always a good idea. These two have contagious personalities, and I think their ability to see the glass half full, or in this case the Styrofoam cup half full of Cheerwine, is a big part of what wins people over.

4. They are all in. Remember when I said Callie and Jamie give without hesitation? Well along with that, they invest in the people around them. They choose to live life along side their people. Even the hard parts of life. And let me tell you this, having friends who champion you through the big and small is huge, these two have been prayer warriors like none other for us. We hope that we always love others big like they do.

5. They find their worth in the Lord and not each other. This can be so hard to do when you are married, but we have watched them both pursue relationships separately with the Lord and with friends. Their hearts are sold out for the Lord separately so when you put them together they are unstoppable. They do ministry together, but still find time to invest separately in the lives and salvation of others.

Callie and Jamie, getting to do life along side you both is one of our greatest joys. We are so grateful to have friends like you both that have invested in us as friends and as a couple. We look forward to the many years of laughs, car rides, and growing our families together. We love y’all more than you will ever know!

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Oh my goodness this is so sweet! I love the words you wrote here Olivia! And these images are stunning!


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