Well friends, it’s been a long journey for this little blog and myself. Through the years, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of blogposts! Now, I would simply love to hear from you. What have been your favorite posts or features? What do you look forward to most when you come visit? I would be so grateful if you took less than 2 minutes to fill out this survey, made just for you!

If you wish to take a trip down memory lane, feel free to scroll down click on a few of my favorite posts throughout the years. It’s quite fun (and funny!) to see how my style & voice have changed through the years!

Image by the lovely Callie

When the cops busted me during an engagement session (2009)
My triplet nephew’s newborn session (2009)
My very first monthly goals post (2009)
My first ever blog feature (2009)
That time I blogged every single day for 100 days straight (2009)
My Life Goals (2010)
Musings after moving to Raleigh (2010)
That time my sweet husband hacked my blog (2011)
We’re Debt Free : Paying off our house (2013)
My Contentment Story / The Contentment Challenge (2013)
Nicaragua Missions Trip (2013)
Our 5th Anniversary BVI Trip (2013)
5 Years of Marriage (2013)
5 Years of Business (2013)
My Morning Routine (2014)
Series on Organization (Work, Time, Home Finances, Personal Life, Spiritual Life) (2014)
End of a Season: Will’s job change (2014)


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From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following. Blogging is a fun outlet and platform for me, and I am excited to hear from you!

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I really enjoyed reading about your Contentment Challenge and Debt-free journey! As a fellow 20-something year old gal living debt free, I find both to be such an encouragement.

Goodness, it’s so difficult to pick a favorite! I’ve really enjoyed reading & have been so encouraged by how you got your start in your business, monthly goals, organization posts, missions recaps, financial success & marriage posts :)

I love your “My Morning Routine” post! It inspires me and reminds me that I can be a morning person too, even if I’m sleepy! I also loved your Spiritual Life organizational posts. I am so thankful for the way you share your heart!

I LOVE the “We’re Debt Free” post! I like when you all share about your finances, because it is SUCH an encouragement! I just started reading Dave Ramsey and I’m hooked, so to see people so young living a debt free life is a testimony and shows that hard work really does pay off!!

I liked reading the “My Life Goals” from 2010. Wow – you are straight killin’ it! Thanks for taking the time and commitment to blog. I enjoy reading it each day. :)

Thank you, Kelly! It was fun to find those life goals and re-read them. Many have changed, many have stayed the same, and many have come to pass! The power of writing down your goals :)

We are so glad you are here!

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