Clearly, I’m going to be incredibly biased and say the most wonderful things about this family. Why? Because this is obviously the cutest, most wonderful family on so many levels. And also because that adorable mom you see happens to be my sister and my very best friend.

I just love them all so much. Will and I have looked up to Chris and Sissy as an example since we were dating many years ago. We would, as a dating couple, drive to visit them. I remember watching them do married life together – no kids, just the two of them. They lived a simple, wonderful life, and they loved one another so well.

Then came the kids – yes, a lot of them! How fun it has been to have a front row seat in watching this family grow. I made up my mind a long time ago that I wanted my nieces and nephews to know their Aunt Nancy and Uncle Will. We’ve had a blast hosting them at our home at different times over the past several years, so seeing these images honestly melts my heart. I know these tiny people. Even the three that are identical look SO different to me in these images, because I know them.

And I sit here, typing all of this, it hit me : this is why family photography is so incredibly important. I don’t have kids of my own yet, but my sister’s family has grown so quickly before my eyes – it’s amazing how time flies. To be honest, life gets crazy, and there are always excuses why it’s easier not to take family photos. But it’s so important to stop, right where you are, and remember this season. Capture it. Freeze time for just a moment.

These kids are only going to keep growing, keep getting bigger, keep changing. And it’s always worth it to stop and take time to capture their seasons of change. (To see how much they’ve grown through the years, click here and here.) Thank you, Blantons, for loving me and allowing me to capture you sweet family time and time again!
















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Geez….I’m smitten by this amazing family! Great images, Nancy!

Not only is it lovely to see how your sister’s family has grown through the years, it’s also amazing to see how much your work has changed! Lovely photos, Nancy!

Love these folks! There are some true gems here, Nancy!

The photos of your sister and her husband brought tears to my eyes! There is something about seeing a couple with FIVE kids, and just trying to imagine all they have been through together through that journey, that makes their looks of love so beautiful and admirable. To see the love between two people who chose to bring more wonderful, little people into the world, is truly special. Thanks for sharing these!

These are so great! I know this sweet family will treasure these images forever! xoxo

I really like when you said “it’s so important to stop, right where you are, and remember this season. Capture it. Freeze time for just a moment,” because, with photography, we have the opportunity to do just that. Your sister has such a beautiful family!

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