Warner, Crews, and Maverick

One of the greatest joys of my life is being an aunt! I have 7 nieces and nephews total, and 3 of them happen to be identical triplet boys who belong to my sister.


Uncle Will and I had a blast celebrating their birthday! We went to a bouncy house, had pizza for lunch, went swimming in the pool, had a bonfire, and slept in a tent in their backyard along with their grandma, mom, dad, and 2 sisters. (Well, grandma, mom and the littlest sister did not sleep in the backyard! But the rest of us did!)

I love this time in their lives, and I love watching them grow up. Allow me to introduce to you 3 of the cutest triplet 5 year olds on this planet.


Meet Crews.

Crews loves to compete and win. He loves games (especially wii bowling!), loves acting like a cat, loves making the biggest splash in the pool. He and his sister Harper are best buddies, and they have stayed super close while growing up together. He is very passionate when he talks…. passionate about everything! He emphasizes words and speaks with a strong fervor. He loves for me to beat on his back like he’s a drum!


Meet Maverick.

I call Maverick my little boyfriend. He loves to kiss me and snuggle me all. the. time. He doesn’t talk a lot, but when he does, he speaks very clearly. His a voice is a tad bit huskier than the other two. He is very giving and will let his brothers go first when they want to. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and often chooses to watch rather than participate in the hokey pokey. He is quiet and goofy. He is a little Maverick!


Meet Warner.

Warner loves his family. He loves his routine, loves his blankie, loves his Mama and Daddy. He also loves to talk your ear off. He will tell you anything that’s on his mind! He is very sweet and complimentary. He often says, “Aunt Nancy, I’m so proud of you.” One time when I tucked him in for a nap, I had teased my hair into a poof, and had the rest of my hair back in a ponytail. He looked at me and said, “Aunt Nancy, I like your front hair and your back hair!” while patting my poof and my ponytail. It cracked me up! He has his own little way of talking, his pitch is a little higher, he runs all of his words together, and he is just so endearing because he loves to share his thoughts with you.


My favorite memory from their birthday: my sister asked the boys to lean in and squeeze their heads together for a picture! What did they do? Squeezed their heads… literally! Oh I love these boys! (Notice their individual cakes. What a great Mama!)

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You NAILED their personalities!!! I LOVE this so much. Thank you Aunt Nancy for capturing this day!! And you and Uncle Will were probably their favorite part of their day!!

“Squeeze your heads together”! Haha! Too funny. Such sweet boys!

These are the cutest kids I have ever seen! I love the front hair/back hair story!

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