Y’all, I’m feeling the urge to CLEAN OUT. Does that ever just hit you? When you get fed up with all your clutter, when you want to get rid of everything and start fresh?

To be honest, I like to clean out when I’m avoiding doing something else difficult. It’s my “go to” thing when I have something hard to accomplish, but I don’t want to. It’s like how I tidied my room and desk in college in order to avoid studying for an exam. “Instead, I’ll just clean out so I feel like I’ve accomplished something big.”

Well, I’ve declared that this month is all about our home. The really important aspects of our home. Usually, that means cleaning out our clutter and making our space meaningful. But do you want to know the really hard thing I’m avoiding?

Cleaning out and organizing my photographs.

The history behind our home. Our most valued possessions. Our photographs.

THIS SHOULD BE EASY FOR ME. I’m a photographer! I organize and edit and blog photos every single day. But when it comes to my personal photos… I’m just like you. My own photos are put on the back burner wayyyy too often.

You see, I’m in the middle of creating a product in the Nancy Ray Shop that is going to be so, SO helpful for so many of you : a guide on how to organize and enjoy your personal photos. And I’m PUMPED about it! I’ve asked so many of my friends, some who are photographers, some who aren’t, how they organize their photos. I want to honestly compare my (broken) system with theirs. I’ve also scoured the internet, and I am determined to not be a hypocrite, but to actually do this while creating the product. So this month, I’ve set out to first DO IT MYSELF, then I’ll create a guide for you! What works, what doesn’t. I’m determined to find the very best system for printing, storing, framing, album-ing, and organizing our digital and physical photos.

I’m excited, and pretty overwhelmed. I wish I was more organized than I am with my photos, but I’m going to be honest with you: I’m not. My professional photos are immaculate. My personal photos are a mess. It’s the “project I keep putting off,” but I’m prioritizing it this August.

Because really, they are the most important items in my home. And once I organize my photos, you better believe the attic and the garage and the closet are for September!

August Goals

Read Seven, staying on track with the Nancy Ray Book Club
Read Wild and Free
Finish organizing our personal photos
Photograph 3 home tours (of real NRP clients and how they display their photos!)
Schedule and finalize NRP Filming with Heartstone Films
Continue to keep our weekly Sabbath and Family Dinners
Enjoy a day on the lake
Getaway with friends for our 3rd annual mountain retreat with the Schultzes and Wheatons

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I am so excited for this! I have been procrastinating all of that stuff. I have a ton of photos both on my computer and sitting in boxes in my guest room closet that I just need to get organized. I have aspirations on getting it under control, but it seems to take so long that I just put it off. I would love something easy. My iPhone photos syncing with iCloud doesn’t really help, lol, because then I have to weed through all of those photos too!

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