I showed up to photograph Ashley and Chris’s engagement session, and I left more encouraged and inspired than I was before. It’s the biggest blessing when I have clients who love me and bless me so much that it feels like I was spending time with family or dear friends instead of clients.

The day began with a road trip with my bestie, Sam, who happens to be Ashley’s Hair and Make up Stylist and who also happens to be Ashley’s cousin! We made a day of it, and I had enough time to get there early enough to do some work and hang out.

Before their session started, Ashley’s sweet parents offered to pray with us. The 6 of us – her parents, Ashley and Chris, me and Sam… we joined hands and thanked God for the beautiful day and the sweet relationship we were photographing and celebrating. It’s the first time I’ve ever prayed before a session with a couple, but it lifted my heart and encouraged us all to really keep in perspective what matters.

When the session began, I got to know Ashley and Chris on a new level. Ashley immediately became one of my favorite people. She is so funny, and so friendly, and so joyful. She’s the kind of person who is loyal, who is steady and consistent, and who is the life of the party. Basically, I want to be her friend and I could see myself hanging out with her and laughing all day long.

Chris is steady, strong, and a quiet leader. And he *might* be my tallest groom to date. (I think he’s 6’7″!) He came into her life a few months ago, and they both knew. They didn’t have to wait any more – they had found their match!

I loved watching these two together – how they cut up and laugh together, the way they look at each other. God has already started to write the most amazing love story with these two, and I can’t wait for their wedding!

Hair and Makeup: Samantha of LULA
Black Romper: Anthropologie
Film Processing: Indie Film Lab



















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So much joy!! Beautiful captures of a beautiful couple. Can’t wait for wedding day!

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