Here’s my pep talk to myself this month:

“Reset and refocus. This is your time to SHINE: to work your tail off, while sleeping well, eating good things for your body, resting in sabbath with the Lord to recharge. You are doing what you love, Nancy Ray! Do it well. ”

Yep, it’s wedding season, y’all! That requires a good pep talk. I photographed my first wedding of the year this past weekend, and from now until June 21 there is at least 1 wedding (sometimes 2) to be photographed each Saturday, with the exception of 2 weekends: the first “free” weekend, we’ll be attending Will’s cousin’s wedding in Georgia. The second, I’ll be speaking at the ladies conference at my church!  I am grateful though. Ready to roll up my sleeves and get busy. Work is so rewarding and fulfilling when it’s work that you love.

These next 3 months are going to take some serious goal setting and focus. I’m already a bit behind in my reading for the year, but I made some serious progress on cleaning out my home and studio. I just keep reminding myself that if I can do a little each day, I’ll get where I’m supposed to be going.

April Goals

20 in 12: Read Who Moved My Cheese* and The Omnivore’s Dilemma
Speak at Making Things Happen
Speak at the Pursue Workshop with Will via Skype (excited about this!)
Spring mini-sessions (there are still some spots left!)
*Write letters to sponsored kids
Computer folder cleanup. I’m in the process of organizing all of my business files and moving old folders to my new computer. Time consuming and a bit annoying, but it needs to get done!
*Take new “Goals” film photos
Celebrate David and Danae’s wedding in Georgia, spend time with family, and watch Will officiate his first wedding!
Go to The Zoo! It’s my birthday present from Will!
Get up to 12 miles on my road bike when the weather turns nice. Baby steps, y’all.

*Ankle tending: icing and PT exercises
Take a Sabbath
Hot Yoga or strength training 3x/week
Stay off social media 2 days/week
Sundays: reset household and laundry day

Morning Routine
ShootQ check in & workflow
Drink 4-5 waters (in my favorite tumbler)
Read 15-20 pages in my current book of choice
Sleep 10pm – 6am
Complete posture exercises

*Last month’s goals that are yet to be accomplished

I’m currently speaking at Making Things Happen, where I happily turn in my phone and emails for 2 days. I’ll be out of touch for a bit, but I’ve scheduled some blogposts while I’m away. Be sure to follow my Instagram for updates! I’ll be returning to the studio on Wednesday!

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I really enjoy reading your monthly goals posts Nancy! Your goals have direction and purpose and inspire me to set strong goals for myself. I will pray that you are able to nurture yourself and spend time resting in Him during this busy season! :)

Hi Nancy!

Good luck on your goals for the month! I would love to help you accomplish one by gifting you with some stationery to use for your letter writing! If you’re interested just shoot me an email at with your mailing address and I’ll send something pretty your way!

Cheers to April!



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